Hi! I'm Courtney.

I am, and have always been at heart, a country music artist. 

I’m currently recording my first fully produced EP and my first project of any kind in 10+ years. I am SO excited to finally have MY art released into the world. 

Does that sound like something you’d like for yourself too? 

I’m glad you’re here. Because the truth is that as fulfilling as that has been for me, my deepest, truest passion is understanding the voice, how it works, how it makes music, and how I can help others use it to make their own art. Voice lessons are my happy place, and I’m here to make them yours, too. 

Well, okay, but you might be asking yourself, “Just because she can sing, does that mean she can coach too? They’re not the same thing.”

Right you are. Let me give you the rundown. 

Even though I’m making a country record, I was trained classically as a kid and a college student. There were a lot of pros and a lot of cons to training classically, when what I really wanted to do was sing country.

The cons: when I finished school I had a lot to overcome – my understanding of vocal technique was really flawed, my confidence was in the dumps, and I was often downright embarrassed to tell people I was deeply passionate about country music. 

The pros: I truly understand music. My education is well-rounded in theory, history, and performance. I am a self-taught songwriter. And most importantly, I have been through the grueling unraveling and recreation of myself as a musician. I went from country to classical to country again. And of course, the longer I’m at it, the better I get. (at the singing! the performing! the coaching! all of it!)

There might be another question going through your head, now, too. (even if there’s not, I’m gonna answer it). “If you were unhappy with your classical education, what’s your deal now?” 

Fair question! Exciting question! Insert all the praise hands emojis here! 

After a lot of exploration of the world of vocal technique and some deep soul searching, I dove into (in my opinion) the best technique and method in the world. At it’s most basic, I use the “Singing for the Stars” book by Seth Riggs. Beyond that, I have developed extensive knowledge of vocal anatomy through study and research, and I have studied under amazing coaches who have worked with some of the best coaches and artists in the industry. I believe in making voices strong and flexible so that you can go out and be an artist. I speak “Classical” and I speak “Pop,” and even better, this method can train you for either.  

So yes, I can teach you to sing

I can teach you to sing almost any style you want (no screamo… sorry ;)). 

But what we do together can be so much more than that. What I really want you to be able to do is use your voice to make art. Singing, to me, isn’t about following rules and sounding pretty. It’s about communicating and connecting to something bigger than yourself. It’s about letting go and being brave. 

And the best part? I truly believe if you’re called to it, you’re capable of it. 

Should we work together?

  • If you’re at the beginning of your journey and need help finding your voice as an artist, let’s talk. 
  • If you’ve been through a lot of training and feel like something (or a lot!) is missing, let’s talk. 
  • If you feel embarrassed to tell people what kind of music you make or want to make, let’s talk. 
  • If you’re trained in one style but really want to sing in another, let’s talk. 
  • If you want or need the flexibility to sing multiple styles from classical to pop (especially important as a musical actor!) let’s talk. 
  • If you need help building a practice routine that actually works, let’s talk. 
  • If you’re a singer with ANY background who feels frustrated, tense, and fatigued when trying to use your voice to meet your goals (recording studio! Stage performances! Whatever you want to do!) let’s talk. 

What else should you know?

  • I have a bachelor’s degree in Music Industry focusing on voice AND business and marketing. 
  • I have studied with Nashville coaches, taken classes, and read basically ALL THE BOOKS (okay, slight exaggeration) in my journey to find my voice and help others find theirs, so I know what works. Really. 
  • I’m currently an Associate in Training with Vocal Lab Collective. Katie and Jason are absolute experts in the technique that I already teach, and I am so excited to uplevel my game and make sure you get the absolute best when you work with me. 
  • I have been coaching for four years and have nothing but happy, successful students to show for it.
  • I am constantly digging for the things I still don’t know.  Learning is lifelong, and I’m never going to quit. You shouldn’t either!


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