Hi, I'm Courtney, and I'm a vocal coach.

I help singers find and refine their true artistic voices, break down creative blocks, and take real, meaningful steps toward reaching their goals. 

I support all singers of any background in a way that allows them to set their own goals and dream their own dreams, and I have a soft spot in my heart for singers who have studied for a long time and are STILL struggling to find the right fit artistically or technically. I’ve been there and I’m absolutely committed to being your safe place to land. 

Through voice lessons, community, and online courses, I’m here to empower you to pursue your passion. 

Here's how I can help:

Voice lessons are available in my home studio in Mt. Juliet, TN (just outside Nashville) and online.

One on One Voice Coaching

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Free Resources

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Online Courses

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Singers who work with me say...


You’re an aspiring artist who needs some guidance making your voice match your vision.  

You’ve been studying for a LONG time, but you’re still frustrated with the results you’re getting.

You’re struggling with self confidence – you might know exactly why… or you might not. 

You are new to vocal training and don’t know where to start, but you know you don’t want to be put in a box from the beginning. 

You want to chase your dreams and need vocal technique that WORKS so you don’t have to resort to Plan B. 


I can help you...

Find and develop the artist and performer you have buried deep down inside.

I can help you...

Overcome the vocal technique that is not serving you but is so deeply ingrained because of your years of training.

I can help you...

Overcome the issues of self worth that come from a lifetime of living in your world.

I can help you...

Build a vocal technique that works regardless of style and genre (including classical!) for ultimate flexibility.

I can help you...

Take meaningful steps toward achieving your goals as a singer, musician, performer, and artist.


Are you still with me?

If you made it this far, I think we should probably be friends!

And there's something I need you to know.

You are the only person on this whole planet with your unique set of experiences. Mix that up with your passion for music and suddenly you have something to say that ONLY YOU are capable of. 

Somebody out there needs your voice. 
Somebody out there needs your music. 
Somebody out there needs YOU.


Are you ready?

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